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2019-2020 Staff

Az Sepulveda

Azzy is a junior at Black River Public School. He is a true patriot, yup. He is 17 years old and is very attractive and cool. He loves history and historical fencing, fishing, and appreciating nature. He is good at reading and writing, and according to Mrs. Foreman he is dry and but not a bully xoxo also is very funny. 

Mack Timmer

You know that guy that stood in front of the tank at Tiananmen Square? That was Mack Timmer /s. He is a senior at Black River and is more than inspired to share the news through The Current with the school. What do you call a heart attack in a Ford F-150? A power stroke.

Sam Kelley

Sam Kelley is attending his last year as a senior at Black River. He's got a burn to learn for rocks, and he ain't afraid to show it! He often enjoys spending time with friends and family during his free time.

Gabriel Aviles

Gabriel Aviles is a senior in Black River. He’s part of the basketball, baseball and track teams. Gabriel likes to read and write books in Spanish. He likes anime and video games-- he’s a pro. Gabo also has his own Youtube channel.

Henri Holland-Anderson

Henri Holland-Anderson is a high school junior. He likes to go climbing and running long distance on the varsity cross country team. He also enjoys stand up paddleboarding. He will have enough credits for a math minor by the end of his junior year of high school.

Joshua Alferink

Joshua Alferink is a junior who plays varsity basketball, soccer, and baseball. Joshua also enjoys playing pool and ping pong with the boys and taking long boat rides, tubing, and skiing. He is ready for the draft.

Jonathan Robert Merrill

Jonathan is a junior at Black River Public School. He has played soccer since the age of three, and he played baseball for the last two years. He played basketball in middle school, and enjoys fishing and favorite fish is the sturgeon. He has sadly never caught a sturgeon as they are  a threatened species, but that will change soon.

Rachel Serie

Rachel Serie is a Black River junior who enjoys both playing and listening to classical music, mostly Stravinsky. She plays in 2 orchestras. Apart from music, Rachel also loves Spanish literature, as Federico Garcia Lorca is her favorite author. She did a year of kindergarten in Mexico.

Max Thomas

Max Thomas is a senior at Black River. They are the only non-binary identifying person at school, as far as they are know. That's not the only thing: they are also a witch who loves collecting bones and plants and, of course, talking to the dead. The most notable thing about them is their distinct style of grunge/edgy clothing, makeup, and music.

Christopher Heideman

Christopher Heideman is a senior at Black River. He is the captain of the Black River Sailing Team and a two-time state champion. In addition to his impressive sailing achievements, he also teaches sailing at Macatawa Bay Junior Sailing Association. He was once locked in the 4th-floor private bathroom and required outside assistance to get out, and he's proud of it.

Hailey Mayer

Hailey Mayer is a freshman at Black River. She enjoys listening to music and reading in her free time. Hailey was first introduced to writing when she was little, and would write short stories anytime that she had the chance. One of Hailey’s greatest accomplishments was in first grade when she aggressively cracked a green glow stick and it exploded into her eye. For the next week, whenever it was ...

Olivia Emig

Olivia Emig is a freshman at Black River, and she hasn’t failed any classes yet, despite being kinda dumb. She loves to write and edit and tell people how wrong they are. Alongside being a nitpick, Olivia enjoys drawing, painting, listening to horror podcasts with her friend who had to ask how many legs a spider had, and driving illegally. Also, she has a cat named Carol who is secretly plotting ...

Anya Scott

Anya Scott is a freshman at Black River. She gets good grades and likes to help others but doesn’t know how many legs a spider has. She loves eating boxed mac ‘n cheese, watching superhero movies, playing her guitar, listening to horror podcasts with her friend that drives illegally, and petting her cat. 

Dylan Leonard Serie

Dylan Serie is a freshman who has attended BR since fourth grade. As a freshman who does poorly at writing, he still isn’t too shy to ask a person for an interview. He usually shows up on time for all classes. Dylan likes talking to people, skating on his longboard, and drinking orange juice. 

Nicole Perera

Black River freshman Nicole Perera has been interested in writing ever since she read The BFG in 1st grade. It introduced her to many new literary expenditures, and she’s been captivated by the concept of writing ever since. In her free time, she enjoys hanging out with friends, playing games on PC, and traveling with her family. Throughout her teenage years, she has accomplished a multitude of thin...

Clara Mitchell

Clara Mitchell is a freshman. She has been in many performances and even got to play a duck in one of them. She has a love/hate relationship with creative writing. The stress that occurred while writing this bio is off the charts. She does hip hop and musical theater at Avalon School of the Arts. She is also very sarcastic, if you haven’t noticed.

Karalyne Chesser

Karalyne Chesser is a freshman at Black River Public School. She has played the piano for 4 years and enjoys it very much. She also does acrobatics, as well as musical theater. She is a teacher assistant for beginning and intermediate musical theater at True Jem Productions. Karalyne was in NJHS last year, and has successfully navigated two escape rooms in the last two years. Don’t corner her....

Ariana Rhoades

Ariana Rhoades is a freshman who is terrible at writing but very good with 3D technology. So good that she dabs on the haters who dare oppose her work. She has no accomplishments because she is too lazy to do so. She will complete her personal work and stuff that her life depends on. For business inquiries contact [email protected]

Audrey Bortner

Audrey Bortner, who is on the graphics team for the The Current, is a freshman at Black River. She is an only child and loves that since she doesn't have any siblings to bug her. She has been taking ballet classes for 10 years, has passed 2 ballet exams, and has gotten on pointe. She plays piano, but is terrible at it. Audrey was also in NJHS last year. Along with loving history, she knows a lot of...

Ericka Foreman

Faculty advisor Ericka Foreman is a Black River English and Sociology teacher who has been reading, writing, and teaching nonfiction and social theory to her high school students for 14 years. A news junkie since her middle school years, creating and teaching the Black River School Newspaper class seems a natural extension of her lifelong addictions. She has three children in the Black River elementary...

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