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Publication Policies


The Current is created by Black River Public School students with the primary goal of informing and entertaining the Black River middle and high school student body on topics of relevance to the school, the greater Holland community, and the world.


The student editorial board makes decisions about content in order to create an open and public forum of ideas. The editorial board is the decision-making body, chosen from student applicants by the faculty advisor. The board meets at least weekly during class time. The faculty adviser reads all copy to help students meet journalistic standards.

Policy-making and other aspects of The Current are decided by a majority vote of the board. The adviser may disagree and make suggestions, or they may call into question the subject matter in order to protect against libel and obscenity concerns. 

If a situation arises when the general opinion of the board differs from that of the faculty adviser, the adviser may choose to veto the board’s decision. The faculty adviser may dismiss an editor from the board and may consult with school administrators regarding issues of leadership.

Editorial and Opinion Policy

A staff editorial represents the majority opinion of the editorial board and is not to be biased towards the opinion of one particular editorial board member or the faculty adviser. For this reason, editorials are not bylined and the writing is shared with the entire board prior to publication. 

All other articles in the opinion section receive bylines and reflect the opinion of the writer, though not the opinion of the editorial board.

While students submitting writing to The Current retain the copyright to their writing, by submitting their work, writers grant permission to The Current to display the writing in any form, with edits, as The Current wishes. If a writer wishes for their work to be removed from the website, they should contact the faculty adviser.

All writing should be proofread carefully and is subject to further editing by The Current staff and adviser. Students will be contacted to confirm that the writing is theirs, and that they wish to publish their work. 

The Current reserves the right to refuse publication of any material submitted by students that the board deems inappropriate or not written to the standards of the publication. 

No anonymous submissions will be published.

Correction Policy

If a spelling or factual error occurs in The Current, it will be corrected with a new timestamp.

Controversial subjects are discussed among the editorial board to determine an appropriate course of action, with input from the faculty adviser. The faculty adviser will email all finalized copy to writers of, subjects of, and sources quoted within any article before publication in order to preview concerns, with the goal of publishing content that accurately represents the subject and situation, and the views of the source. The faculty adviser may consult with school administrators regarding issues of content.

After publication, The Current does not honor takedown requests, nor does it change the content of the article once it is published (unless there is a factual error, an incident of potential libel, or a person named in the article is referenced for having committed an act for which they were since suspended or expelled from school).

No anonymous sources will be quoted.

Privacy Policy

In keeping with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act and Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, The Current protects students’ privacy. Students’ first and last names will be used, but The Current will never publish phone numbers or home addresses. 

If a student believes their privacy has been infringed upon, they should contact the faculty adviser. 


All writing in The Current is protected by U.S. Copyright laws. All writing is copyrighted by The Current  unless otherwise noted. All rights are reserved by The Current, and none of its contents may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without the prior written permission from the faculty adviser. 


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Publication Policies