BR Teachers Set New Year’s Resolutions


Mr. Johns is only one of the BR teachers with big goals this year.

Karalyne Chesser and Clara Mitchell

New Year’s resolutions encourage us think of a goal and work to complete it throughout the year. But although we say we are going to follow through, that’s not always the case. Most people give up their resolutions by January 12, and U.S. News states 80% of people give up their resolutions by the second week of February. But even a month and a half is not long enough to create a habit; it takes at least two months.

However, despite the odds, Black River teachers are ready to conquer 2020 with their New Year’s resolutions:

Mrs. Rowe wants to reorganize the English 10 curriculum this year, as well as read more for fun, and write letters to people who are important to her.

Mr. Rowe, however, wants to make Mrs. Rowe whatever she wants for dinner, buy her flowers, make sure the toilets are clean (in his house). He also wants the girl’s basketball team to win a league championship and have clean jerseys for every game, and of course, be cooler than Mr. Bittrick in the eyes of 6th graders.

Moving along to the art teachers, Mr. Middleton is trying to learn how to teach kids in the 21st century: “They are weird animals compared to what I grew up with and know about.” Along with this Mr. Middleton does not want to become an “outdated old fart.”

Mrs. Gorris wants to get students to value their artwork more.

In the math department, Mrs. Reinartz wants to read more in 2020.

Mr. Johns wants to provide more opportunities for extensive activities, maths games/puzzles, and more math that’s not from books, as well as run a race longer than a 5k (maybe a donut 8k).

Ms. Aumaugher wants to take care of herself mentally and physically as a whole.

Ms. Grinzinger wants to make a more creative project for her 7th graders.

Mrs. Stephens wants to have more discussions in class.

Mrs. Andrews wants to provide a good student teaching experience for her student teacher, as well as provide more performance opportunities for elementary kids.

Mrs. Ekdahl wants to run at least two half marathons, box two days a week, and have a winning season.

Sinclair has many goals that she wants to achieve this year. Some goals that she wants to achieve in school are to increase the efficiency of grading processes, keep work at work, offer random acts of kindness to students and colleagues to help build community, continue to offer Google Classroom support for colleagues, and engage students in literature and writing in a way that offers them opportunities to connect to and create stories that are meaningful to them. Personally, Sinclair wants to run faster paces, have more mileage, have good form, prioritize sleep, have less and live more, spend more time outside, leave the country, and “win a video game.”

Our teachers have big goals for 2020. Do you? Even though it is nearly February, it’s not too late to think of a New Year’s resolution for yourself.