Investigation: What’s on the 5th Floor?


The 5th floor is something that students are always curious about. What’s up there? Why aren’t students allowed up there? These are questions many of us have, and we’re on the hunt for answers. 

Sophomore Jayda Stanger declares it’s “Sikowitz’s apartment.”

Senior Chris Heideman states there are probably “scary clowns” up there.

Junior Lily Bensinger says it could be “the students who don’t attend detention.”

Freshman Avery Mangum thinks “books.”

And freshman Amanda Castellanos insists “there is no fifth floor.”

But we think that if students are not allowed up there, then it must be something interesting.

Why do we care? According to astrophysicist Mario Livio, epistemic curiosity is the type of curiosity where we desire to know something. In our society, knowledge equals power, so it makes sense that we want to know as much as we can.

Curiosity is also fundamental for our survival: we need to learn and explore so we don’t drown or fall off of a cliff.

The problem is that the 5th floor only has one exit, so it is not safe to be used as a classroom. And when we managed to weasel our way up there, we were warned never to speak of our experience, and were only allowed to take one picture: see above.