December Holidays Day-by-Day


Mrs. Stephen's December cat calendar

McKenzie MacDonald and Arlette Mendoza-Alvarez

Everyone here has heard of Christmas and New Year’s Eve, but did you know that December has national holidays every single day of the month? Every day is a holiday, and if you have a birthday in December, you can see what holiday you were born on!

December 1 – National Christmas Lights Day, make sure to waste your electricity bill!

December 2 – National Mutt Day & Cyber Monday, appreciate your mutts and check out the offers in stores.

December 3 – National Disability Day, spread awareness. December 4 – National Cookie Day, get in the kitchen and start baking. 

December 5 – International Ninja Day, dress like a ninja, act like a ninja.

December 6 – National Miners Day, play Minecraft!

December 7 – National Cotton Candy and Letter Writing Day, write    a letter to a family member or friend that lives far away!

December 8 – National Brownie Day, bake some brownies!

December 9 – National Llama & Pastry Day, ride a llama while eating a pastry!

December 10 – Human Rights Day, celebrate our rights!

December 11 – National Mountain Day, go climb a mountain or look at Bob Ross paintings!

December 12 – Gingerbread House Day & National Poinsettia, make a gingerbread house with your friends!

December 13 -National Icecream Day, National Violin Day, & National U.S National Guard Birthday, eat some ice cream with your veteran friends who can play the violin.

December 14 -National Monkey Day, National Bouillabaisse Day &     National Free Shipping Day, order a monkey and eat bouillabaisse with them this day!

December 15 – National Cupcake Day, bake cupcakes!

December 16 – National Chocolate Covered Anything Day, eat                                          anything covered in chocolate!

December 17 – National Maple Syrup Day, chug syrup!

December 18 – Answer The Phone Like Buddy The Elf Day, “Buddy the Elf, what’s your favorite color?”

December 19 – National Hard Candy Day, draw into the mouth by contracting the muscles of the lip and mouth to make a partial vacuum to consume hard candies.

December 20 – National Ugly Sweater Day, buy or wear an ugly sweater!

December 21 – National Wreaths across America, honor U.S veterans by hanging a wreath on your door!

December 22 – Chanukah, celebrate with lights and fried foods!

December 23 – Festivus, DON’T celebrate Christmas on this day!

December 24 – Christmas Eve, get ready for Christmas!

December 25 – Christmas Day, spend time with family and open some presents!

December 26 – Kwanzaa, celebrate African American heritage and community!

December 27 – National Fruitcake Day, bake a fruitcake with your loved ones!

December 28 – National Call A Friend & Chocolate Candy Day, call a friend while eating chocolate!

December 29 – National Pepper Pot Day, if you enjoy it eat it!

December 30 – National Bacon Day, veganism is not a thing for today.

December 31 – New Year’s Eve & Hogmanay, get ready for 2020!

Now you have no reason not to celebrate! Find more fun holidays at nationaltoday/december-holidays