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Will Team Trees Make It?

Ariana Rhoades

Will Team Trees Make It?

Ariana Rhoades, Graphic Team

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Team Trees the non-profit organization teamed up with the Arbor Day Foundation to plant 20 million trees by 2020 in an effort to combat global warming. The Team Trees idea started when Youtuber Mr.Beast (one of the co-founders of Team Trees) asked on Twitter what he should do for his 20 millionth subscriber. Memes began popping up on Reddit and then appeared all over the Internet, saying that he should plant 20 million trees.

The first video that was posted about Team Trees October 25, 2019, by Donaldson, one of the collaborators. Thousands of other Youtubes took part in the movement by posting videos of Team Trees, donating, and spreading the word. The fundraiser was in full swing. By October 30, 2019, five days after the first video, Team Trees raised over 10 million dollars. That is more than half of what they need in 5 days. “At that point, I didn’t care, but now I think that it was probably a big achievement for them,” says Chloe Rooks from Harbor Lights.

Unfortunately, the fundraiser seems to be losing momentum. According to the graph, progress is slowing from November 7 to December 7, 2019. 

Ariana Rhoades
Team Trees’ donation amounts

This is believed to be because of the Internet losing focus and moving on. Team Trees was only able to grow because of the Internet is its main supporter. Now with less than a month left until 2020 and 3 million left to go, at this current rate it seems like Team Trees won’t make its goal. “They might get close to 20 million,” says Sophia Steur. 

Now at 19 million and about 15 days left as of the time writing this, it seems that Team Trees might make their goal of 20 million.

You can do your part to help by spreading awareness or by donating through Help save the planet.