Opinion: Flex Times Should Be More Diverse


Nicole Perera, Writer

For the 2019-2020 school year, we have been introduced to a new version of CAP– Flex time– in order to add variety to the locations that students can spend their time between 11:00-12:00. 

My issue is the variety of choices that we students have for Flex. The Flex time offerings available are not diverse and are primarily academic-focused. I believe that our Flex times should have more relaxing choices.

During school hours, some students argue that we should be focused on our studious expeditions, and that our Flex times provide the ideal environment for engaging in that sort of activity. Flex time makes re-taking quizzes more convenient, instead of staying after school or finding a time that works for both the students and teachers. 

However, I would argue that too many Flex times are quiz retakes for specific classes, and because of that, barely any students sign up for those. But Mr. Rowe is one of the many teachers that hosts a non-academic Flex time, and because of that, the seats fill up when available.

Other proponents for academic Flex time argue that it aids the students to gain more one-on-one teaching and explanations on difficult topics from class. However, according to studies by the University of Southern California, taking breaks from academic works enhances the overall productivity of students, increasing their ability to make proper decisions. Taking breaks helps balance students’ heavy workload.

A typical morning at Black River consists of two 85-minute blocks, which can get overwhelming for students because they are supposed to perform well during those designated time periods. Essentially, 3 hours straight of students’ mornings and (separately) afternoon are spent working, so a little 25-minute break for Flex would be nice. Diverse non-academic choices from walking around Prospect Park to walking to Mi Favorita would be good for the students. Incorporating such Flex times would allow students to feel a sense of relief and ease, which could promote the brain’s ability to perform better in the 3 last hours of classes. 

So students, if you agree with my stance of Flex times being more diverse, we should communicate that with the teachers. Offer suggestions. Create polls of what Flex times we prefer for the upcoming week. We can make Flex time work better for us.