Opinion: Small School Vibes


Freshman Carmen Ricker greets a friend in the hallways of Black River

Arlette Mendoza-Alvarez, Writer

Black River Public School is a fairly small charter school, with US News reporting a high school population of just 321 students. Some people might see that as a bad thing, but there are some great qualities about attending a small school.

As a student who attends Black River, I personally like going to a small school because I get to know people, and it is easier for me to feel comfortable in a small school rather than a bigger school. According to Kathryn Lento from Unigo, “Many students interested in attending small schools are drawn to the strong sense of community, the opportunity to know their professors and the ease of navigating administrative processes.”

This is confirmed by McKenzie MacDonald, a freshman who attends Black River, who says she doesn’t have a problem with going to a small school: “The classes are smaller, and you can get more of a one-on-one with teachers.” 

Black River student Kylie Nguyen says she likes going to a smaller school because “you won’t get lost, and there’s not a lot of people, so it’s not so crowded.”

Are there some drawbacks to attending a small school? Of course. “There is not a lot of sports to choose from,” freshman Elif Erdem mourns, and it’s true that our budget is limited and that there aren’t as many friend groups to choose from.

But the best parts of attending a small school are that you get the ability to know most of the people at your school, and the teachers get to spend more time getting to know you and help you. I think it’s worth it.