Contest Announcement: Design a New CURRENT Header

Ericka Foreman, Faculty Advisor

Would you like to help The Current have a cooler logo at the top of our webpage? Join the contest!

The header is what goes at the very top of our webpage, and we want it to look good! Here is a summary of the requirements:


Content Specs:
– Include the name “The Current” with some hint toward waves or rivers
– Include the catch phrase “By You, For You” or “The Student Voice of BRPS” somewhere in your header
– Include only the colors black, white, and/or green (you choose the shade)

Technical Specs:
– Create the new header in PhotoShop or any image-editing software
– The maximum width for your new header is 1400 pixels, and the height should be set to 150px (you can use a larger height up to 250 pixels).
– Your header will look best if you create it with a transparent background. That way the the gradient/color in the background of the header will show through.
– Save your header image as a .png file in order to ensure transparency. You can also build your background in PhotoShop and save the file as a .jpg (.png and .gif work as well).
– Only use images that you take/create yourself, or that are licensed under the Creative Commons (cc)


Here are some helpful resources:
Gimp is a great free program for photoshopping and image-editing
Example headers can give you an idea of what other students are creating for their schools’ student newspapers
Creative Commons can help you search for useable, free images

Please send your submissions to [email protected] by Monday, May 25!