Claude the Cat Continues to be Stuck with His People


Marguerite Stephens

Marguerite Stephens, History Teacher

Look!  My cat mama has papers a -l- l over the floor.  Oh boy! I absolutely love to lay on crinkly, old papers.  Ahhh. It feels so good. I like to stretch and rub against the papers.  She doesn’t look too happy with my decision to lay on them. Come on. You have to work faster so I’m not tempted.  Oh dear, here she comes. I can bat at her with my paws and look so innocent. Well, better leave well enough alone.  Back to the couch for me, for a while. Wonder how long she’s going to leave those papers there???? I feel they’re calling me…

Got up this morning and thought I’d go outside for some air.  Maybe even torment the dogs next door. She opened the door for me and ….   Wait a minute! What is that white stuff. Yesterday it wasn’t here. I really don’t like it.  Gets my paws wet. Burrrr From my sniffing over the pee-mail on the front step I can’t tell if there is anyone close that I want to go out and see, so back in I come!  She laughs at me. She should realize that I am smarter than she thinks. Is she outside right now???

I hear someone in the kitchen.  Better go check what’s going on.  I love to help.

Following her around is another job I now have with them home.  Today she took a long handled something with a bunch of fluffy stuff on the end and pushed under the dressers and bed in the bedroom.  (I really like laying on this bed!) I had to step back. So much icky flying stuff! Wait a minute! I see something that I lost. It looks like, no couldn’t be.  Yup! It is! I wondered where that mouse went to. Hummm Too bad he didn’t make it. But he is flat now and he could still be played with, if she would let me. Naw. Not today.  She does not look too happy about finding it there. At least it doesn’t stink like the last one they found in the closet behind a box!

 Sitting in the bathroom sink is a sure way to scare my people.  Especially during the night. Most of the time they leave me alone and go to the kitchen sink to wash.  But then there’s times when they drip water on my back from the thing that water comes out of. It does make me move but I still am in awe that water can come out of nowhere!  Most of the time I would sit by the sink and watch the water drip…and drip….

The garage or the basement are two places I can go to try to be alone.  It’s not a guarantee but they sure are at least options when I need to get away from them. 

 I was stretched out on his woodworking table in the basement close to some kind of saw, sleeping in my own world, when she found me.  Darn it all. Now I will have to try and find a different hiding place there so she can’t find me. There weren’t any mice left down there.  Well, the sawdust was making me sneeze and getting in my fur, and it really wasn’t that warm out in the open. She has a huge pile of yarn down there in another room.  Wonder how comfy that could be…

 Ahhh.  I see a chance to get a good belly rub.  She’s on her laptop. Time for me to decide it’s my turn.    I really like laying on that hard surface, and then she can give me all her attention.  First, I have to stare at her until she puts the top down, which won’t take long the way I stare.  (Even better if there’s paper on it.) Look at that. It’s only been 1 minute and she’s putting the top down for me already!  Up I go. Relaxing and sooo nice! Meow meow meoooow. Next to getting an occasional supper of soft cat food rather than the hard stuff, this is heaven!