Opinion: Nintendo Makes the Best Consoles


"Nintendo Switch Online: Pros, Cons, and Unknowns" by BagoGames is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Stephan Allen, BRPS 11th Grader

Many of us wait for a ride after school, either because we can’t drive or for financial reasons. So, what do we do to occupy the time while we wait? Some of us socialize or just sit while we wait, but I play games along with others, but you don’t see people coming to school with Xboxes or PlayStations. Do you?

That’s because Nintendo is better than Xbox, PlayStation, and whatever other consoles that are out there. Some people will beg to differ, saying that Nintendo has very few games that are geared towards adults and are more aimed for children’s enjoyment. I’m here to say that that does not keep Nintendo from having the best consoles. 

Nintendo has always been more focussed on getting people to play together. While other consoles have online play and voice chats, Nintendo takes the cake with their newest controller, the Joy-Con. A Joy-Con is actually two controllers that can be used together or separately. With this, two people can share the same controller, allowing for people to play together in person and socialize. 

In addition to this, older consoles made by Nintendo usually have a way for multiple people to play together in person. The GameCube had multiple controller ports, the GameBoy had a cord so people playing Pokemon could trade and battle with each other, and the Wii had multiple controllers that were motion controllers so players would move around for certain games.

Nintendo has many online options as well. I mean, we are all stuck at home anyway. It’s nice to have online options to play against challenging players so as to get more thrill from playing these games. Games such as Smash Ultimate or Pokemon that allow you to fight people from around the world. Just hope they don’t pin you against some super-genius.

With all these amazing ideas from Nintendo to get people together, I believe it to be the best series of consoles. And, yes, many of the older consoles are obsolete right now when it comes to connecting people. After all, lots of these consoles were made before the Internet. But Nintendo still makes the best, and most family-friendly, online games.