Observations By Ms. Stephens’ Cat, Days 1-3


Marguerite Stephens

Ms. Stephens' cat gets into her school bag-- that's determination!

Marguerite Stephens, History Teacher

What’s going on?  I usually have the whole house to myself, so I can go wherever I want to.  Now, my people are home, yelling at me to get off the back of the television stand, off the counter, off the dresser—watching every stop I take.  These are places I have been to many times, when they were not around (or asleep). I have always been very careful and have not knocked anything over!  I don’t like the surveillance part of this situation. 

I lay on the floor at their feet, and they look at me and ask what I want.  By this time they should know what I want! I want more treats, I want to be left alone for a while. Sometimes I just like to be close. Boy!!  She wants to cuddle more now that she’s home all the time. Personally, I would rather just sleep wherever I want to. Sleep is important so I don’t knock anything down!

Yesterday she got out a big basket.  I could not believe all the things she took out of the basket.  Some items were normal – papers and stuff – but she also took out other boxes!!  Filled with more papers!! I just knew she put this basket out for me to get into.  It fit me just fine with all her junk out of it. I like to snuggle in different places and this was perfect.  Life felt good, even with the television going, until she got up. I just had to follow her to see what she was doing in the kitchen.  Nope. I should never have gotten up. She went right back and put her other boxes back in the bigger one!  So, I laid on top of these smaller boxes in the big basket. It wasn’t as comfortable as before, but I showed her who’s boss!  She couldn’t get me to move off. She thought I was so cute when I was really angry. I decide my life, not her. She may think that I have to obey her. Ha!  No way. 

The birds are eating at feeders in front of the big window.  I really like watching them. One day this glass will not be there, and I will actually get one of them. I do find the crouching exercise is good for practice for when I can get outside and pounce.  Hitting the glass when the birds are close scares them, which makes me feel very proud and fierce. My people appear upset with the slobber I leave on the window when the birds are around. I don’t like the smell of the stuff she sprays on the window to wipe it.  Darn. What does she expect. I’m a cat.

I have a feather that I like to bat around.  This is how I practice for what I could do to those birds out the window.  There is a fairly large white feather I especially like the feeling of. Little yarn balls are also good to bat around.  I enjoy it when I can unwind the ball and it goes around a chair or two. This really frustrates my people. Once he almost tripped over the yarn but he caught himself.  I’m not trying to hurt my people, just exercise. They should be more careful.

I like turning my back to her when she really desires my attention.  She tells others that this position means I trust her. Wrong! It means I am ignoring her.  And I will let her know when I want communication. Sitting in a lap, or on a laptop in not my total life.  I like to stare at her when she is doing something until she feels guilty about not paying me attention. Then sometimes she will reach out, and I will decide that it’s time to eat.

Books.  Nice, hard surfaces to lay on.  Especially when she’s reading them.  If I am purr-sistent she’ll put the book down.  I will win again. Haha! When will she realize that resistance is futile?                           

This is going to be fun.