Opinion: Try To Enjoy Your Time Off


"IMG_5354" by pockethifi is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Andrew Rynsburger, BRPS 7th Grader

The coronavirus; COVID-19. A relatively new disease that was once half a world away, now rapidly spreading into our own communities.

This scary disease has mainly the symptoms of a cough, fever, and tiredness, but in more severe cases, difficulty of breathing.

First found in Wuhan, China, this zoonotic disease — meaning it came from domesticated animals or wildlife — hit China hard, devastating its economy. And now, this disease is in the United States, and in our communities, and we can’t be sure where it’s heading next.

The New York Times states that the coronavirus’s economic impact could rival that of the Great Depression. This could result in the loss of jobs, closure of companies, and everything heading the wrong direction. But, we know, the economy will recover, and you need to have lows to have highs.

In our communities; the first case in Michigan was confirmed on March 10, 2020. Now exponentially increasing, according to the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS), there have been 1,035 cases as of March 22, and nine deaths.

Considering the bad news, there still are some things to enjoy during this time off. Catch up on some homework or missing assignments, relax, spend time with your immediate family, play video games, or sleep in.

To conclude, during this time of chaos, make sure to enjoy yourself, focus on academic work, and socially distance yourself — all in the most healthy and safe way you can.