Student Trip to Paris, 2021

Student Trip to Paris, 2021

"Paris" by Barbara Marquez is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

Joshua Alferink, Writer

In 14 months, Project Term 2021’s international trip will head to Italy and France for a nine day excursion.

Students will fly overnight to Italy and experience the romantic bridges, as well as visit the floating City in Venice. Next, they will travel to Florence and enjoy the beautiful entrances, and visit Pisa and the many places it has to offer before heading to the French Riviera. Finally, the main stop is Paris, where students will be spending two-four days, and a final possible stop in London before leaving to go back home.

Not only will students be sightseeing, but the group with also be led by an expert tour guide that will give students the details and history of the places they will be visiting.

Students who sign up don’t have to worry about a thing; all of the details are covered, so students and parents can sit back and relax.  

English teacher Bridget Pyle says, “This will be my sixth trip with students,” and she has had a great experience on her previous tours. David, a previous traveler, posted on the tour review “I had an amazing time in Italy and France. The tour director was so nice and informative. The whole tour was planned to include and understand the trip to Europe! It was my first trip out of the country, but it won’t be my last.” 

Black River students can access EF Educational Tour’s website website for more details or to enroll, or talk to Ms. Pyle.