Composting Reminders from The Green Team


Audrey Bortner

Compost your food waste in 2 Lyceum locations

Audrey Bortner, Writer

So far, Black River students’ composting efforts have saved 8.3 tons of greenhouse gases in the 5 months that we have been composting!

However, according to the Black River Green Team, there have been some concerns with students putting the wrong items in the wrong bins. So, remember to read the signs and put paper products, with the exception of milk cartons, and food in the composting, and plastics and other miscellaneous items in the trash. 

This is very important for the amount that the school composts and throws away because once something that should be in the trash is in the compost, the other items are contaminated and cannot decompose. 

Also, food and paper products are wasted when put in the trash, which means that those items are being wasted when they could be used to save the environment. 

All of the items that we compost go to 8th Day Farm, which is a facility that gives fruits and vegetables to people in the community. 

So, read the signs and put paper and food in the compost and plastics in the trash!