Calling for Conversation During School Shut Down


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Ericka Foreman, Faculty Adviser

Hello Black River students–

While this is a student-led newspaper and you’re not used to hearing directly from me, I am the faculty adviser for The Current. The Current’s staff is stuck at home– just like you– and so our normal publishing process has been disrupted. That’s why I’m here.

One of The Current’s goals is to help students connect with each other and share Black River stories and student culture, sometimes with a serious tone and sometimes with a laugh. We’ve only just begun in the last 4 months, and I personally have greatly enjoyed watching you all interact with the stories we publish.

In light of these surprising and confusing times, I’d like to invite you all to help me alter The Current’s purpose for the foreseeable future. If you have an opinion article you’d like to publish, please use this link to submit a well-crafted article for review. I will work with you virtually to polish it, and we can continue to publish student opinions and keep the conversation going while you are all at home.

I believe I may even be able figure out how to let you all comment on each other’s articles (The Current’s staff may disagree with me on this– they will state categorically that I am a terrible webmaster, but I’ll try).

So, if you have something to say, join the conversation! Stay home, stay healthy, and stay busy.