“be nice.” Night Coming in March


Henri Holland-Anderson

Black River students Josh Alferink, Az Sepulveda, and Chris Heideman being supportive in front of the be nice. sticky note board on the 3rd floor.

Henri Holland-Anderson, Writer

On March 24th, parents and students are invited to a presentation put on by Black River’s be nice. group in order to bring attention to the stigma surrounding mental health.

Senior Noah Millen, the student leader of be nice. at Black River, says the event is a “night specifically to help get parents engaged.” He feels that the students know a lot about mental health and what the be nice. group is, which is why the event is also targeting parents.

Millen has high hopes for the night, stating, “I hope that the people that do come hear what we’re trying to teach them and will take something out of it.” 

This event will be held at the Black River Lyceum and will consist of a video following many relevant challenges and issues faced by high school students.

Additionally, a be nice. guest speaker will also lead a discussion on the issues highlighted in the video.

The be nice. organization is based in West Michigan, and works to diminish the stigma surrounding mental health in both schools and the workplace. They plant groups in schools, like the one here at Black River, supplying them with various materials to spread positive messages and to bring awareness to the resources available for those who need help regarding their mental health.

More resources about this group are available from faculty adviser Ms. Schrotenboer at [email protected]