“Little Women” Hitting the Stage Soon

Karalyne Chesser and Clara Mitchell

The Black River Theater Company’s upcoming show, Little Women, will be performed on March 6 at 7:00 and March 7 at 2:00 and 7:00 at Cityside Middle School, directed  by Mrs. Andrews and Mrs. Pierson.

Junior Elijah LaBurn who plays Professor Bhaer states Little Women is an awesome show, and it has a very interesting plot that people of all ages can enjoy.” You may have friends or even family in the show so come support them as well as the Black River Theater Company!

Senior Laine Kibler, who plays Jo, states that “Little Women is about a family living at the time of the American Civil War with their father away fighting. Marmee (played by Alexa Meloche) raises her daughters Meg (Emma Saunders), Jo (Me), Beth (Rilla Carpenter), and Amy (Piper Kendall) essentially on their own. The girls each have their own ambitions, struggling to find themselves, succeed in society, and not let conflicts within the family keep them from loving each other. The show focuses mostly on Jo, who aspires to become a famous writer and succeed the way men do without having to marry.” 

Little Women is a musical written by Allan Knee in 2005 and includes a variety of music and songs. Freshman Elizabeth Ruiter who plays Mrs. Kirk has multiple favorite songs such as Weekly Volcano Press, Astonishing, and “Small Umbrella in the Rain because it shows that Professor Bhaer is just a cinnamon roll!” 

If you want to get involved there are a few opportunities coming up.“Every Saturday in February, we’ll be having set days from 10am-3pm. Anyone is welcome to come help build, paint, and make props! If anyone wants to get on the email list, they should email Mrs. Andrews ([email protected]). After Little Women, we’ll be doing Seussical in May, so there will be more set days for that show as well. Anyone who wants to be cast in a show will have to wait until next year, unfortunately.” States Laine Kibler who is also the President of the Black River Theater Company.

Elijah LaBurn states “I hope everyone comes to the show. It’s going to be a great time and will help support our school, and if any of you want to join BRTC feel free. We are always open for new people.” “If you are looking for a new awesome school related experience, we are just the pick for you.”Come support the BRTC on March 6 and 7!