Students Submit School Photos to ReplayIt for Publication


Olivia Emig, Writer

The BR yearbook committee is using a new app called Jostens this year, which has an excited feature called “ReplayIt” that allows all students to participate in the creation of the yearbook.

ReplayIt is a mobile app or computer app where students can submit their own photos from games or school events. To submit photos, students can sign in to or register to and follow the steps provided.

Junior Nia Crawford-Martin says it’s simple and self-explanatory, explaining that “basically, it just tells you what to do.” 

The yearbook team will be reviewing the photos and choosing the best ones for inclusion in the yearbook. 

The students who are a part of BR’s yearbook team say that going to all of the major events and games can be very time consuming. “We don’t always have the time to make it to all of the games,” states Crawford-Martin. She thinks that will be very helpful in the photo taking aspect of the yearbook.